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Suo Moto Power Driving Justice and Rule of Law in Pakistan
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Suo Moto Power in Promoting Justice and Rule of Law in Pakistan

Suo Moto power, a Latin term meaning "on its own motion," refers to the ability of a court to take cognizance of a case on its own accord, without any party filing a formal complaint. In recent years, Suo Moto power has emerged as a potent tool for promoting justice and upholding the rule of law in Pakistan. This article delves into the effectiveness of Suo Moto power in Pakistan, examining its role in ensuring justice, promoting accountability, and analyzing landmark cases that have shaped the legal landscape of the country.
Suo Moto Power Driving Justice and Rule of Law in Pakistan
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Suo Moto Power Driving Justice and Rule of Law in Pakistan

Empowering the Chief Justice: Suo Moto Power Driving Justice and Rule of Law in Pakistan; Suo moto power, vested in the Chief Justice of Pakistan, has emerged as a powerful instrument for upholding justice and ensuring the rule of law in our nation. This unique authority empowers the Chief Justice to take immediate action, even in the absence of a formal complaint, to address issues that threaten the fundamental rights and well-being of our citizens. The exercise of suo moto power has proved instrumental in holding accountable those who perpetrate injustice and abuse their authority, ultimately strengthening the foundations of democracy and ensuring a fair and just society.
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