syllabus for the PPSC Pakstudy Lecturership is available now. We compiled PPSC Pakistan Studies Syllabus for your ease. Topic-wise MCQS, books, and Quiz are added in this outline. This syllabus is aligned with Punjab public service commission syllabus.

Topics for PPSC Pakstudy Lecturership

  1. Concept begins with the fall of Mughals after the death of Auragzeb in 1707.
  2. Decline of the Muslim Community and Rise of East India Company
  3. Bases of Muslim Nationalism in the Indo-Pak subcontinent (Two Nation Theory)
  4. People, Land and Society (Geography and Culture of Pakistan)
    1. Mountains
    1. Rivers
    1. Roads
    1. Railways
  5. Historical Perspective Factors Leading to Muslim Separatism
    1. Ideological Movement
    1. Historical Movement
    1. Political Movement
    1. Constitutional Movement
  6. Role of leadership (Personalities)
    1. Sir Agha Khan, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
    2. Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Allama Muhammad Iqbal
  1.  Lahore resolution 1940 and aftermath
  2. Government and Politics (Infant Nation-Crisis Survival)
  3. First Republic 1956
  4. The First Military Regime and the Second Republic and the Basic Democracies System,1962
  5. The Second Military Regime, 1970 and the First General Elections: The Awami League and the Pakistan People’s Party
  6. Secession of East Pakistan (Formation of Bangladesh)
  7. Advent of Zufliqar Ali Bhutto
  8. Third Republic 1973
  9. Socio-Political and Economic Changes under Z.A.Bhutto
  10. The Third Military Regime, 1977
  11. Islamization in Pakistan
  12. Advent of Benazir Bhutto, Nawaz Sharif for two Years each from 1989-99
  13. The Fourth Military Regime, 1999 and after: Modernization in Pakistan
  14. Foreign Policy Challenges
  15. Futuristic Outlook

Suggested Readings:

  1. Ideology of Pakistan By Sharif Ul Mujahid
  2. The Making of Pakistan By K.K Aziz Ch.
  3. Pakistan in the Twentieth Century, By Lawrence Ziring
  4. The Formative Phase of Pakistan By Khalid Bin Sayeed
  5. Jinnah of Pakistan By Stanley Wolpert
  6. Issues in Pakistan Economy By S. Akbar Zaidi
  7. Constitutional and Political History of Pakistan By Hamid Khan
  8. Pakistan’s Foreign Policy By Abdul Sattar

Movies on India Pakistan (Subcontinent) History

  1. Jinnah (Highly Recommended)
  2. Gandhi (Highly Recommended)
  3. Viceroy’s House (Highly Recommended)
  4. Laggan
  5. Mangal Pandey (Mutiny in British Army)
  6. Bhaggat Singh
  7. Sardar
  • Train to Pakistan
  • Partition
  • Qissa: A tale of a lonely ghost
  • Earth
  • Garam Hawa


India Pakistan Partition Documentary BBC
Muhammad Ali Jinnah: Life, role in India’s partition and death ( Courtesy: BBC Hindi)

BBC Seven Days in Summer Countdown to Partition (2017)
Things You don’t know about Jinnah and his Direct Action (BBC Hindi)

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