How to get 100% marks in Exams in Federal Board Exams

How to get 100% marks in Federal Board Exams

How to get 100% marks in Federal Board Exams

Getting 100% marks in the exam is not difficult for students now. Students can get 100% marks by just following the guidelines. Students have to read this blog and act accordingly. We guarantee you will secure 100% marks in your federal board’s exam without working harder.


Students need to read the instructions given by the paper setter. Read the question paper thoroughly. Make priority on which portion of paper you are going to attempt.

What should be avoided


Students usually excessively commit cutting. This creates a negative impact on student writing expression. The first impression is the last. Your paper must be distinguished you from other students. To make the best impression on the examiner/ paper checker, you need to avoid cutting while attempting the paper.


Suppose you have committed a mistake or forgot to write any word while justifying your argument. Don’t overwrite. This is mistake students commonly commit, which also creates a wrong impression.


Students who have no basic understanding or valid argument justify the main idea. Students want to kill time and unnecessarily repeat the same concepts, thoughts, or views.

Own thoughts

Students gave their version arguments which the examiner has not asked. They did not read the paper instructions given by the paper setter. This also creates a wrong impression on the paper checker.

Margin Line

Draw a margin line on the only left side of the paper and start writing after the margin line. You don’t need to draw the margin lines on both sides of the page.

Blue Ink

Only Blue Ball Point/marker/pointer is allowed on the federal board. Don’t use a fountain pen or ink. Similar whitener, ink remover and led pencil are not allowed.

What should be done?


Paper presentation is an art, and every student is not an artist. This art could be acquired only through practice. Without practice, one can’t become an artist. So, it would be best if you avoid the things which have been discussed earlier. The paper checker will rate your paper according to your effort. The majority of paper checkers gave priority to the paper presentation. They gave good grades to the candidates who followed the instructions.


Draw comprehensive Outline

While attempting the long questions, students must make a comprehensive outline. With the help of a strategy, students can save time. You will organize your arguments and write relevant and essential points to justify your thoughts. By making a comprehensive Outline regarding any topic, you would better understand how to synthesize or augment your views.

Time management

One blunder students commit while writing papers is the lack of time management. They did not correctly manage their time and couldn’t attempt the paper entirely within the stipulated time. This could be avoided if students distribute the time as per the requirement of the question.

Facilitate the examiner

Students are required to facilitate the paper checker as much as possible. Suppose you try to create any problem. Unclear, ambiguous, and ill-defined arguments will lead to failure in the subject.


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