Online Class

Online Class

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Regular Session


Per Month
4 months Session

Syllabus Completion

60 Mins Class Per Day

Blended Learning

Lecture Handout

Fast & Reliable
According to Board Preparation
Guaranteed A+ Grade

24/7 Tutor Support


Rs. 15000

Per Month
3 Months

Syllabus Completion

120 Class Per Day

Blended Learning

Zoom Class

Fast & Reliable
According to Board Pattern
Timely Course Coverage

24/7 Tutor Support


Rs. 20000

Per Month
One Month

Weekly Test

Paper Discussion

Virtual Parent Tutor Meeting

Secure Platform

Fast & Reliable

100% result
24/7 Customer Support

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Explore PAKSTUDY Resources – Your One-Stop Shop for Free Downloads!

PAKSTUDY is a comprehensive platform that offers a diverse range of educational resources, all available for free download. Whether you're a student looking for study materials, a teacher seeking supplementary resources, or simply someone eager to enhance their knowledge, PAKSTUDY has you covered.

  1. Educational Materials: Access a vast collection of study guides, textbooks, and reference materials across various subjects.
  2. Exam Preparation: Find exam-specific resources, practice papers, and tips to help you prepare for your upcoming exams with confidence.
  3. Lecture Notes: Benefit from well-organized and insightful lecture notes that can supplement your classroom learning.
  4. Educational Videos: Engage in dynamic learning through a library of educational videos covering a wide range of topics.
  5. Interactive Quizzes: Test your knowledge and reinforce your understanding with interactive quizzes and self-assessment tools.
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