Peace and Social Harmony in Pakistan

Peace and Social Harmony in Pakistan

Peace and Social Harmony 

Peace and Social Harmony in Pakistan are essential For the stability of Pakistan. the development of peace and harmony within its boundaries is an important and essential phenomenon. Pakistan is a multi-cultural country with a large group of people belonging to different sects, cultures, languages, and creeds, but still living together as one proud and united nation.

If we glance through the pages of history, we can see uncountable incidents that showed unity and harmony among people. The war of 1965 shows us the example of unity among people where people irrespective of their cultural boundaries, religions, and linguistic differences played a significant role to protect their motherland.

Similarly, if we look a few years back, our country fought an unprecedented battle against terrorism where a lot of children, adults, men, and women sacrificed their precious lives in order to maintain peace in the country. The peace of the country is directly related to its economic status and stability.

More peaceful countries will have high investment rates and moreover, they will provide more opportunities to their citizens to improve their standard of living. As we see the example of Pakistan, before the wave of terrorism the GDP rate o country was growing at an exceptional level and it was progressing at a great pace.

But unfortunately, after the 9/11 attack and other terrorist incidents, Pakistan suffered the most from the terrorist attack, due to which all foreign investment was hampered and foreign revenue fell at a dangerous level which affected directly the living conditions of its citizens. Similarly, the condition is in Afghanistan where disturbed peace situation worsened the living standards of people and crippled the economy.

There are many ways to improve peace and harmony among the nations which have been practiced throughout the world and they bore fruitful results for its citizens.

How Can we improve Peace and Social Harmony? 

  • By inculcating the value of peace in the mind of children through education. Education is the major source of awareness among people. It not only helps to gain knowledge but also shapes the moral values of a person that help them to be a good citizen of the country.
  • It is very important to identify those groups who are playing a major role in destabilizing the country and it is the major task of the government to eradicate those groups from their territories. Pakistan has done various operations against these groups to make the country safe and secure.
  • Another way to improve peace and harmony among the people is to counsel them, as tolerance is an important key factor to maintain peace. Conflict among people or groups majorly occurs or start due to difference of ideas. So, it is dire need of the hour to develop such consulting centers at school, colleges, workplaces that help to improve patience level among children so that in future they are less prone to conflicts and move towards peace, love, and harmony and play their role in the country’s progress.

We can conclude our discussions by saying that peace is an integral component for the progress of the nation and it is a very important trait among the people that only help in their personal life but also improve their role in the country’s success.

Rida Fatima is the Internee at STUDETINN SOLUTIONS

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