Importance of the Ideology of Pakistan

Importance of Ideology of Pakistan can be defined as: The Ideology of Pakistan was the consciousness of the Muslims in the historical perspective of the south Asian sub-continent. they were a separate nation on the basis of the Islamic ideology. No doubt Islamic ideology is the base of ideology of Pakistan so the basic fundamentals of Islam are also the bases of the Ideology of Pakistan.

Importance of the Ideology of Pakistan

importance of Ideology of Pakistan can be defined as: The Ideology of Pakistan was the consciousness of the Muslims in the historical perspective of the South Asian sub-continent. they were a separate nation on the basis of the Islamic ideology. No doubt Islamic ideology is the basis of the ideology of  Pakistan so the basic fundamentals of Islam are also the basis of the Ideology of  Pakistan.

1. Right of Self Determination 

In the decent civilizations of the world, the right of self-determination has got the place of basic human rights. The Muslims of the sub-continent work hard for the attainment of the right of self-determination, on the basis of this right, the Muslims demanded a separate electorate in 1906 and this right was awarded to the Muslims in 1909’s Minto Morley reforms. 

2. Protection of the Muslims of Sub-Continent

The ideology of Pakistan saved the Muslims of the Sub-Continent. Because of the ideology of Pakistan, the Muslims of India who had become a minority due to western democracy became a great nation. 

3. Cause of Independence of Muslims

The ideology of Pakistan is the cause of the independence of Muslims. Because of the ideology of Pakistan, the Muslims of India got freedom and they got social betterment.  In addition to that other nations like Sikhs, Hindus and Christians had other benefits out of that.

4. Ending of Hindu-Muslim Tension

After the creation of Pakistan, Hindu-Muslim tension which had been a part of Daily  life ended. Along with that tension the events of terrorism also ended. They both got  peaceful atmosphere which is necessary for the development of any society. 5. Symbol of Security of the Muslims

The ideology of Pakistan is very important for the Muslim of the Sub-Continent after  the start of this theory the Muslims feel better and secured in the Sub-Continent. The  people who believe the ideology of Pakistan although belong to different races and  different areas, are united. Because of this natural unity, they can defeat foreign  conspiracies and enemies of Pakistan.

6. CharacterBuilding

Ideology of Pakistan is a source of Character Building of the Muslims. Ideology of  Pakistan is based on Islamic ideology and exemplary principles of Islam. So due to the  ideology of Pakistan we are able to establish the Islamic society in Pakistan and we  create the courage, honesty, tolerance, bravery, equality, fraternity & character  building in Pakistan.

7. Unity of Islamic World

Ideology of Pakistan is laid down on the Islam. There is no any discrimination on the  base of colour cast, creed, state or a country in Islam and Pakistan is obtained on the  base of Ideology of Pakistan. So the unity of the Islamic world is the key factor of the  foreign policy of Pakistan and Pakistan tried his best to create the harmony and unity  of the Muslim World.

8. Source of Power

Islam gave the concept of two nation theory in sub-continent and secured the separate  recognition of the Muslims in sub-continent. Two nation theory protected the Muslims  in the hour of need especially in British rule, that’s why ideology of Pakistan is the  source of power in the sub-continent on which base the Muslims struggle hard for the  attainment of Pakistan. Finally they succeed to achieve Pakistan.

9. Formation of Exemplary Society

The Muslims wanted to establish the exemplary society in the sub-continent but this  dream couldn’t be fulfill in the united India.Muslims of India had a brilliant chance to  build and exemplary society in Pakistan after the creation of Pakistan. According to  the constitution of Pakistan, government is responsible for the security of basic human  rights. This thing is necessary for an exemplary society.

10. Freedom from Hindu-British Society

After the death of Aurangzeb Allamgir the decline of the Muslim of the Sub Continent was started. In 1857 The Britishtook-over the whole sub-continent and  Muslim became their ruled. In the 18th and 19th century The British increased their  efforts to spread Christianity and Hindus started to spread Hinduism. Under these  conditions the ideology of Pakistan saved them from such spreading. 11. Protection of Muslim Civilization & Culture

Right from the reign of Jalal-ud-Din Muhammad Akbar, Hindus through their “Bhagti  Movement”, had been trying to deprive the Muslims of India from their identity as a  separate nation. After the war of Independence in 1857 Hindus &The Britishs tried  their best to demolish the Muslim Civilization and Culture and the Muslims wanted to  protect with their culture. The protection of Muslim Culture and Civilization is only  possible the ideology of Pakistan. 

12. Symbol of Beneficence of the Society 

The progress of the Muslims of the sub-continent was hidden in the aim of getting  Pakistan which was lightened by the creation of Pakistan. Besides, ideology of  Pakistan is ideology of Islam so it is in a way a source of beneficence on the Day of  Judgment.

13. Reason of Human Dignity 

The basic aim of creation of Pakistan was the formation of such a state where Muslims can live their individual and collective lives according to the principles of Islam. In addition to that there they can make such a society where courageous and morally high people dominate. This heightens the human dignity. Creation of Pakistan up to a  high extent fulfilled this aim. 

14. Source of Economic Development of the Muslims

Ideology of Pakistan is source of economic development of the Muslims,because after  the creation of Pakistan, Muslims got the freedom from The British,and  Hindulandlords.The Muslims have full control on trade, services & agriculture.  Exploitation of Muslims of the sub-continent came to an end. And they became strong  economically. 

15. Industrial and Mineral Development 

After the creation of Pakistan, Muslims used their capabilities in finding and using the  minerals blessed by God and made progress in the field of industry and minerals. 16. Establishment of Welfare State

On the basis of ideology of Pakistan separate state for the Muslims was to be established. In which they introduced democratic values, social system based on  Islam, justice & economic prosperity of the people which would led to the Pakistan  towards the welfare state.

17. Success forthe Muslims 

The ideology of Pakistan is the source of success for Muslims in the world. Due to the separate state, the Muslims became prosperous and they adopted Islamic ways of life. They obey the Islamic principles and follow Islam and start to spend of their lives according to Islam and introduced Islamic ethical system which led to the success of the Muslims both in this word and the life after the death.

This article is written for Ideology of Pakistan project.

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