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The ideology of Pakistan is based on the ideology of Islam

Do you think that the Ideology of Pakistan that is Ideology of Islam was initiated by Allama Muhammad Iqbal

The concept and ideology of Pakistan is a foundational principle, a philosophy deeply rooted in the beliefs and teachings that led to the nation’s creation. This ideology, which serves as the bedrock upon which Pakistan was birthed, was derived from the teachings of The Holy Quran and the practices or Sunnah of the Holy Prophet. These guiding principles were instrumental in shaping the vision and objectives for creating the new country, and they continue to influence the socio-political dynamics of the nation even today.

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The ideology of Pakistan, however, was not an impromptu conceptualisation. Instead, it was borne out of a gradual and evolutionary process, a meticulous progression over time influenced by various factors ranging from religious beliefs to the socio-political circumstances of the period. This ideology has been shaped and reshaped multiple times, reflecting the nation’s founders and its people’s evolving perspectives and aspirations. At the heart of the ideology of Pakistan is the principle of ‘One Allah, One Prophet, and One Quran’.

This principle, inspired directly by the teachings of the Holy Quran and the life and practices of the Holy Prophet, was the cornerstone of the movement for an independent nation. It was invoked to solidify the unity amongst Muslims during the struggle for independence, to differentiate their unique identity, and to affirm their unwavering belief in monotheism.

Pakistan’s ideology encapsulates religious elements and draws upon cultural, social, and political dimensions. It responded to the socio-political marginalisation of the Muslims in the Indian subcontinent. This ideology propelled the demand for a separate homeland where the Muslims could preserve and promote their religious, cultural and political rights, free from the fear of dominance or discrimination by the majority.

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Over the centuries, numerous scholars, thinkers, and leaders have contributed to shaping the ideology of Pakistan. They have interpreted and reinterpreted the teachings of the Quran and the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet, relating them to contemporary societal contexts and challenges.

These interpretations have helped to refine the ideology, making it a dynamic and evolving concept, adaptable to changing times and circumstances. In essence, the ideology of Pakistan stems from the profound teachings of the Holy Quran and the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet. It was birthed through an evolutionary process, led by the vision of thinkers and leaders who believed in the need for a separate nation for Muslims.

The ideology that spurred the creation of Pakistan continues to shape its national identity and influences its socio-political landscape, affirming its unique position globally.

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