The war of independence 1857 ended in a disaster for the Muslims. The British believed that the Muslims were responsible for the war of 1857 and therefore, they were subjected to ruthless punishment and merciless revenge.

Such were the days of despair and despondency when sir Syed Ahmad khan appeared on the horizon of Muslim India to rescue them.

  1. In 1888, he set up the patriotic Association to meet the propaganda of the congress. Muslims and Hindus joined the association. It advocated the Muslims emotions.
  2. Urdu grew as common language of all the Indians regardless of origin or religion but in 1867 the Benarasi Hindus started campaign to replace Urdu by Hindi. To gain the objectives, they declared numerous organizations, which discouraged Sir Syed who said to Shakespeare that since now both the nations could not live together. Later the followers of Sir Syed tried their level best to save Urdu language.
  3. Sir Syed’s first and foremost objective was to modernize the Muslims following the Western cultural values that could create friendly atmosphere for the two communities. He motivated his community to learn the Western philosophy and English literature to get along with the ruling people. Therefore, in order to fulfill this desire, he started the Aligarh movement.
  4. Sir Syed published Loyal Mohammedans of India and Risala Asbab-i-Baghawat Hind that helped both the nations to redress their grievances. In 1885 the Indian national congress was founded but Sir Syed Ahmad Khan warned the Muslims from the sinister aspiration of the Hindus.
  5. Sir Syed used the word ‘nation’ for the Muslims. Some writers criticized that he declared Hindus and Muslims one nation. But as a matter of fact he advocated the Hindu-Muslims unity that meant the working relationship between the two nations as once he said: “Hindus and Muslims should try to be one mind in matters which affected their progress”.
  6.      Sir Syed was great because he contributed greatly to the Muslims struggle for identity.

Otto von Bismarck served the German nation with the help of all government sources but Sir Syed did the same without all this. To Khalid Bin Sayeed, “Many tributes have been paid to Sir Syed, particularly by modern educated Muslims for being daring enough to put forward such views in an age which was by no means liberal or tolerant.

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