Role of India in the fall of Dhaka 1971

Role of India in the fall of Dhaka 1971 is India played a vital role in the fall of Dhaka, as being the enemy of the Muslims since the inception of Pakistan. East Pakistan located one thousand miles away from West Pakistan so the administrative worth couldn’t be ensured. Results of elections in 1970 openly presented the political divergence that had developed. After the general elections of 1970, President General Yahya Khan attempted to negotiate with both Pakistan Peoples Party and Awami League to share the power in the central government but talks were failed.

Role of India in the Fall of Dhaka

So this divergence received the attention of rival India, which creates hatred in East Pakistan. President Yahya Khan authorized an armed operation to attack the Awami League. The Awami League announced the declaration of independence of East Pakistan As a response to this operation on 26 March 1971 and began an armed struggle against West Pakistan. India was loyally behind the Awami League by the means of providing arm shells to its forces. After the emergence of Bangladesh Indra Gandhi said that now Two Nation Theory has been buried in the streets of Dhaka.

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