1.Early education:

Sir Syed was born on October 17, 1817, in Delhi. He was born into a family with a strong Mughal connection, he received the convention education but he was a pioneer in introducing modern education for the Indian Muslim community. He studied Persian, Arabic, mathematics and medicines.

2.Improving relation:

Sir syed believed that the possition of the Muslims in the subcontinent could only be improved of relation with the British were improved ans Muslims gained higher quality education.

3 Convincing the British:

In 1860,Sir syed wrote “The loyal Muhammadens of India”in this work he defended the Muslims from the British accusation that they were disloyal. He gave a detailed account oh the loyal services, had given and named various Muslims who had shown particular loyalty to the British. At the same time he called on the British to end their hostility towards the Muslims.

4.Convencing the Mulims:

Sir syed was aware that the British knew very little about Islam. It was also true, that the Muslims in India knew very little about Christianity. He tried to over come  this was writting “Tabyin_ul_ Kalam”i  which he appointed out the similarlies between Islam and Christianity.

5.political awareness:

Both communities couldn’t work together. And he tried the provide awareness of the politics of Muslims. So that Muslims could also appear in the subcontinent and remove this state of trouble between them.

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