Features of Foreign Policy of Pakistan

Features of Foreign Policy of Pakistan

Features of the Foreign Policy of Pakistan are complex. Foreign Policy is the system of activities evolved by communities for changing the behavior of other states.
2) Foreign Policy is the key element in the process by which a state translates its broadly conceived goals and interest.
3)It means to be used for achieving the goals of the nation.
4) Broad policy principles and decisions for conducting international relations.
5)Assessment of the gains and failures of the nation in respect of its goals of national interest.
Foreign Policy of Pakistan:
Five main features of the foreign policy of Pakistan are as follows:

  1. Territorial and Political Sovereignty:
    Pakistan respects the sovereignty of other countries and expects the same in return. All deals or any types of interactions with a foreign country that risk the territorial and political sovereignty of the country will be fully avoided.
  2. Support for the oppressed:
    Pakistan is highly against any type of oppression of minorities anywhere in the world. Pakistan itself has faced a lot of oppression before independence. The Muslim community was treated in the worst way possible. We formed this country to fight that.
  3. Kashmir issue:
    Kashmir issue is a major concern for Pakistan and India. Pakistani foreign policy says that a peaceful solution to this problem should take place. This problem has already caused three wars. Despite Indian efforts to start another war we have taken well-thought steps to maintain peace. For 71 years, we have always wanted a peaceful solution to this problem.
  4. Anti-colonialism:
    Pakistan itself was a part of the Indian colonies. We have always supported the right of freedom of the Asian and African states suffering through colonialism. On every forum, Pakistan has supported them.
  5. Arms Control and Demilitarization:
    Mankind has seen enough conflict. We do not want another world war. Pakistan is a strong advocate for controlling the arms race and focusing on the development of mankind. At UNO, Amnesty International, OIC and other international forums Pakistan always raised the issue of the ongoing arms race between most of the nations of the world.
    Pakistani foreign policy wants all conflicts to be solved with peaceful resolutions. We want nations to respect our sovereignty and have mutually beneficial relations with all countries of the world especially the Muslim nations.
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