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information technology and significance

information technology (IT) is now a common term. everyone working in the fields of information technology is familiar. IT has made impact on almost all spheres of social life. This impact is ever increasing.

Importance of information technology

During the last two decade of the 20th century personal computers have developed into a powerful medium for accessing, processing, manipulation, projection and broadcast of the data and information.

  • Internet has emerged as a very powerful tool of dispersing information. Our world has virtually turned into a “global village”.
  • Modern electronic techniques have brought human beings and ideas into a very close interaction.
  • Knowledge of the information tools and techniques is as essential for a modern man as basic literary.
  • Information technology has given us a new vision about the future; it has equipped us with the tools we can apply for making our society literate and civilized, and expand our frontiers of knowledge.
  • Pakistan like all other developing countries is in dire need of revamping its IT infrastructure on revolutionary basis.
  • We need an entirely new generation of IT experts and need to create an atmosphere congenial for the development of modern information culture.
  • In order to achieve this goal, we shall first of all, have to make basic computer work stations available at all levels.
  • Our IT Programme had to be very comprehensive and pervasive, but our less developed areas need to be especially targeted. Obviously first step, we should take in this direction, is to connect our remote areas with internet facilities.

Economic Development of Pakistan

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