Prehistory by Irfan Habib
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Prehistory by Irfan Habib

Prehistory: People's History of India series

Prehistory Under the People's History of India series by Irfan Habib. He is a Marxist Historian, and his work is based on Marxism.

Prehistory is the first  People's History of India monograph. It continues from Prehistory. The Indus civilisation dominates. Also mentioned are various cultures up to 1500 BC and the genesis of India's primary language families.

The Indus Civilization maintains Prehistory's style and framework, except for conciseness. It has more detailed explanations of several issues, and the end-of-chapter remarks on technical and controversial matters are longer. Illustrations, maps, and tables help explain the topic.

This monograph covers Protohistory, the period before history can be reconstructed from literary writings. Modern territorial lines make little sense when dealing with the past. Hence pre-partition India includes Afghanistan south of the Hindukush mountains. A sub-chapter is devoted to the Helmand civilization, whose study is essential for understanding it.

Author(s): Irfan Habib; Aligarh Historians Society

Series: People's history of India, 1.

Publisher: Tulika, Year: 2001

ISBN: 9788185229430,8185229430

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