The teaching of Quran for Class 9th

Teaching Quran for Class 9th Students in Punjab | Punjab Compulsory Teaching of Quran Act 2021

The Teaching of the Quran for Class 9th

The teaching of the Quran for class 9th is a new subject. It was implemented by the Punjab administration. This subject is introduced to help students grasp the fundamental teaching of the Quran. Modern times necessitate modern answers, hence the Punjab government has made this initiative in response to modern trends and expectations.

The Teaching of Quran for Class 9th
The Teaching of Quran for Class 9th

Students will be able to order their lives in conformity with Quranic principles after studying this subject. The Punjab Compulsory Teaching of the Holy Quran Act, 2018 (Act XVII of 2018) mandates that Muslim students be taught the Holy Quran in all educational institutions (public/private/deeni madaris) in Punjab.

Islamiyat educates us about our religion, our prophet Muhammad (PBUH), his companions, the golden age of Muslims, the teachings of the Quran, how to pray, Namaz e Janaza, Hajj and Umrah, Zakat and charity, Halal and Haram, and so on.

the teaching of the Quran is more than simply a subject; it is a whole rule of life that helps us become decent human beings as well as good Muslims. Islam is a full life code. We cannot live a happy life alone. We must maintain relationships with our friends and family. In this context, Islamiyat teaches us how to interact with others in order to maintain positive relationships with them.

The Punjab Compulsory Teaching of Quran (Amendment) Act, 2021 (Act XIV of 2021) makes the teaching of the Holy Quran mandatory for Muslim students in all educational institutions in Punjab.
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