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Islamic Studies for O Level by Abdul Azi
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Islamic Studies For O Level by Molvi Abdul Aziz

Islamic Studies (Grade 11) For O-Level by Molvi Abdul Aziz and Larbi Benrezzok is a comprehensive textbook published by Darussalam. Designed for students studying Islamic studies, this book covers the essential teachings of Islam. From beliefs in Allah to the Five Pillars of Islam, prayer, fasting, and pilgrimage, it provides a strong foundation in Islamic knowledge. It also explores Hadith, Prophet Muhammad's life, and companions and scholars' contributions. Islamic jurisprudence (Fiqh) and its practical applications are discussed, including family law and societal obligations. With straightforward language, summaries, review questions and engaging visuals, this textbook is user-friendly and aids comprehension. Whether for academic study or personal enrichment, Islamic Studies (Grade 11) For O-Level is an invaluable resource for students, educators, and those seeking a deeper understanding of Islam. It equips readers with the knowledge and tools to navigate their lives as practising Muslims, fostering spiritual growth and strengthening their connection to the faith.
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