What are Olevels

What are O levels and How to prepare for the O levels Exam?

 What are O levels ?

 What are O levels? How to prepare for Olevel Exams? How to crack the Olevel Exam? How to get an A+ grade in Olevel, are the most asked and searched questions on Google.

(ordinary level) are public examinations for secondary-school students. which usually range from about 15 to 16 years old. This examination tests basic knowledge in various subjects that are required before advancing to more specialized courses of study.

O Levels are recognized internationally. it is equivalent to Cambridge IGCSE and UK GCSE.  Attempting and passing this examination open a gateway to opportunities in terms of higher education. It will help students in their professional studies. A lot of students today aim for O levels rather than their local matric examination. They prefer O levels are because of their international recognition.

Moreover, O levels help find better carrier opportunities and developing skills. However, students usually have concerns over how to prepare and ace this test. We will discuss various ways to prepare and be ready for this exam.

How to prepare Olevel Exams?

It is very important to know what you are getting into when you plan to give O levels. Just a few months are not sufficient to prepare. First, you need to plan according to how many, and what subjects are you giving an O level of. If you are in a school that already runs on the O-level system. then they are likely to teach you the syllabus required for the subject.

But if that is not the case then you will be required to study the syllabus at your own pace. There are books for the subjects that include the syllabus. this can be obtained through online purchases or in a book shop. The minimum time you should dedicate to studying the subjects should be six months, but more if possible.

While studying, make notes of the concepts that you do not understand. You should ask for help from a professor or any person. Who is a qualified O-level instructor. Then, the last month before the exam, attempt as many past papers as you can.

For example, the  O levels are taking place in October, you should clear and understand the whole syllabus by the end of August. in September start attempting the past papers of the subjects as many of them.

A mistake that a student must not do is cram, as that will not help in the Exam. the O levels are very tactical. Understanding and memorization, are very essential in the preparation.

How to crack the O level Exams

Now coming to subject-wise advice and tips. Each test has two to three parts. Maths has a non-calculator part that consists of short-answered questions. a calculator part that has structured questions. Understand all the concepts first then practice, practice and practice. Practice alone, practice in a group with friends.

How crack Mathematics Exam

Practicing in a group is beneficial in various ways because when they don’t understand you can help them. this in return strengthens your concept. Similarly, if you don’t understand and they help you which clears your doubt and the concept gets stuck into your head. Even if you know the concept, discussing it in a group can aid you in finding new and easier ways to solve a problem. Use this same tactic for a Physics O level as that is also practical and problem-based.

How to crack Chemistry Exam

For Chemistry, you can use this tactic as well as there are some practical questions, but chemistry also includes a theoretical part as well. For theory, memorization and understanding both are important. Again, practice by solving past papers as you get an idea of how the question is asked and of what type.

How to crack Biolgy Exam

The same goes for Biology. The more you understand the structure the more you are likely to get an A+.

How to crack English Exam

Now for English, English has two types of O levels, English as first language and English as a second language. For the first language, the speaking part is not included. it is more essay and comprehension-based. The assessment method is stricter, and questions are difficult. To ace this test, one should have remarkable writing skills and vocabulary.

Now to the second language exam, a speaking part is included where you will have a conversation with an examiner, and they will grade you according to your speaking skills. There are essays and comprehension too but are relatively easier than the first language exam and the marking is a bit lenient. They are a lot of other subjects too, but these are the few that are basic, common, and important.

   How to get an A+ grade in Olevel

It is easy to score an A+ in any subject if you have planned and executed the study structure completely and perfectly. The concepts covered should not only remain with you till the exam but for life as well. I hope that this way of preparing and the tips have helped you to get a strategy started in your head. Best of luck with the preparation and the O Level exam.

Haieqa Iftikhar is student. She is an intern at STUDETNINN SOLUTIONS. She contributes as a content writer.

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