Reduced Syllabus 2020 Pakistan Studies Class 12 Federal Board

Reduced Syllabus 2020 Pakistan Studies Class 12 has been recommend by Federal Board. Syllabus has been reduced due the pandemic of COVID-19.

I. Genesis of Islamic Republic of Pakistan

I. Ideology of Pakistan
1. Concept
2. Components
1. Islam
2. Democracy
3. Social justice, equality and responsibility.
4. Basic Human Rights.
II. Pakistan – The result of Muslim Struggle.
1. Foundation of Muslim League
2. Ali GarhTehrik
3. Pakistan Resolution
4. 3rd June 1947 Plan
5. Independence Act 1947
6. Emergence of Pakistan

II. Initial Problems of Islamic Republic of Pakistan

A. Problems:

1. Introductory remarks.
2. Red Cliff Award – Its injustices
3. Administrative problems
4. Influx of Refugees
5. Division of Assets
6. Division of Armed Forces and Assets
7. Water/Canal Dispute
8. Accession of princely states (Junagarh, Manawdar, Kashmir, Hyderabad Daccan)
B. The vision of Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah about Pakistan
1. Settlement of Refugees
2. Advice to Govt officials for national service
3. Provincialism, parochialism.
4. Guiding principles for the economy of Pakistan.
5. Guiding principles of Foreign Policy
6. Advice to the students to concentrate on education.

III. Geography of Islamic Republic of Pakistan

1. Physiography of Pakistan
2. Imbalanced Economic Growth and Regional Disparities.
3. Geo-strategic position
4. Attraction for tourists
5. Gateway to land locked countries: Afghanistan, Central Asian Republics

IV. Steps towards an Islamic Republic of Pakistan

1. Significance and impact of objectives resolution 1949.
2. Islamic provisions in the constitutional only 1973 constitution
3. Steps towards Islamization since 1949.
4. Salient features world Human Rights Declaration 1948
5. Khutba Hujjat-ul-Vida, the comprehensive charter of Human Rights.

V. Administrative Structure of Pakistan and Good Governance

1. Federal Government-various Institutions and their functions.
4. Islamic perspective of good governance
5. Administration in the era of Hazrat Umar (RAU)

VI. Culture of Islamic Republic of Pakistan

1. Meeting and significance of culture.
3. Culture Heritage of Pakistan main sites.
4. Common Characteristics of Pakistan Culture. Be Pakistani, buy Pakistani by Pakistani.

VIII. National Integration and Prosperity

1. Meaning of national integration and cohesion
2 . Problems in the way to national cohesion and integration in Pakistan
4. Remedial measures: My, your and our role.
5. Educational, Administrative and Political measures

IX. Economic Planning and Development in Islamic Republic of Pakistan

1. Meaning and importance of Economic Planning and Development.
2. Agricultural Development
3. Industrial Development
4. Trade and Commerce
5. Information Technology

X. Foreign Policy of Islamic Republic of Pakistan

1. Definition of Foreign Policy
2. Objectives of the Foreign Policy of Pakistan
3. Foreign policy of Pakistan with China, India, Iran, USA, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia

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