Withdrawl of US troops from Afghanistan

Withdrawal of US troops from Aghanistan and Pakistan

Withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan is one of the most argued topics. The role of Pakistan can’t be ignored. The withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan is an essential matter for Afghanistan and the whole region, particularly for Pakistan, as this step has accelerated the ending of America’s longest war.

As US officials said,

“It is planned to withdraw all the troops from Afghanistan in an orderly and peaceful manner before the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attack.”


9/11 attack was against the United States by the Taliban, which initiated a long 20-year war between America and Afghanistan. This war affected Afghanistan and particularly Pakistan.

the primary purpose of sending troops to Afghanistan was to ensure that Afghanistan should not be used as heaven to the United States and its allies and prevent incidents like 9/11.

President Jobiden

Yet, the rush to the ways out, which has gotten steam as planeloads of gear and troops are flown out of the nation. it leaves the United States wrestling with gigantic annoying issues that authorities had figured they would have more opportunity to sort out. This issue directly impacts Pakistan’s economic and political situation as Pakistan’s stability is directly related to the situation in Afghanistan.

In the last two decades, Pakistan paid a hefty price of terrorism in Afghanistan. Many people lost their lives in bomb blasts, and around 70,000 people were martyred in the fight against terrorism. The same ball game has been kicked off as the Taliban started their attacks on Afghanistan again. They again claimed that they occupied many of the essential linking routes of Afghanistan. They will take over the control in many districts, leaving the Afghan army helpless.

Role of Pakistan

The world has witnessed a significant upsurge in security incidents in Afghanistan. Many experts are indicating that after the withdrawal of troops. the violence will be escalated in Afghanistan. Pakistan has taken specific steps to prevent the impacts of increasing security issues in Pakistan. such as fencing of the border. Fencing will help monitor Afghan refugees’ movement in Pakistan. Pakistan would develop joint border, and counter-terrorism cooperation’s to maintain peace in both countries.

Pakistani leadership is aware of threats as Chief of Army Staff during his official visit to Kabul emphasized that “Peace of Afghanistan means Peace in Pakistan.” Pakistan has always supported the peace process and rejected any type of violence in the region. Due to the efforts of Pakistan, the Taliban agreed to sign the Doha accord, which provided a pathway for the withdrawal of US troops. it paved the way for intra-Afghan negotiations.  The reputation of Pakistan has been improved as a mediator. it is considered one of the essential members to maintain peace.

The role of Pakistan in the peace process cannot be denied as Pakistan is the country that suffered most due to terrorist attacks. It is continuously making efforts to make negotiations successful in maintaining peace in the whole region. Policies have been adopted that show that Pakistan will not support anyone party during a war situation but tries to be neutral to ensure peace in its territory. This war affected the economy and reputation of Pakistan adversely. Pakistan is trying to regain its older position and is improving ties with other countries for this situation. The withdrawal of the troops caused jeopardy in the world and brought benefits to none. We should hope for the peaceful retreat of forces so that peace should be maintained in the region.

Rida Fatima is the Student. She is Internee at STUDENTINN SOLUTIONS.

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  1. This article is very informative as it highlights all the aspects of the issue. It discusses role of Pakistan in detail. Keep up the good work

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