Social Media Tools for Learning

Social Media Tools for learning

 Social Media is a huge online platform that is used for various means today. It has taken a big chunk in every individual’s daily life. Through social media we connect with other people, it’s used as a means of entertainment, we get to know about what is happening in the world and where and so much more. However, we will discuss how social media has helped and shaped the education and studies of the youth.

Use of social media between faculties and their students

  It has become a regular thing for teachers and students to have smartphones, laptops, and tablets, and that they use these to acquire new information related to their studies. The education faculty also uses software, tools, and applications to improve the learning standards and to enhance communication and engagement. For example, a lecturer will teach a concept in class but then for a better and in detail understanding of the concept, would recommend a YouTube channel or link to watch.

Social Media Tool for learning 

Many e-learning opportunities have arisen as online classes have become very popular today. Social media eradicates the issue that students have in learning from a distance.  Even though the professor is in a different city, through online video calls they can teach their student the lecture and assign them work that must be sent virtually through e-mail or WhatsApp. There are learning management systems that deliver education programs, lectures, and even options to grade or check a work uploaded by a student.

Online platforms use in finding resources

Facebook pages are created to update and provide information for a certain subject or a certain test. For instance, if a person is giving an A-level exam, there would be many pages according to the subjects of the exam. Their student would post past papers, ask questions, provide information related to it, or a discussion would be held for a specific time where all would put their queries and help each other solve.  In another case, a page could be created for a specific class where teachers post messages or lectures, share homework, and encourage discussion.

4.Youth prefer to learn through social media

 Today’s youth is very devoted to social media and the internet provides plenty of information that the youth is more inclined to read. They are more prone to read online messages, comments, news, articles, and books, which motivates them to put in their time and efforts towards their studies. These online activities contribute to an individual’s general learning leading to a development in their reading habits thus an improvement in their writing skills.

Communication is easy and helps in learning

Another advantage of social media is better communication. Now one may question that how it is related to studies. Well, they are able to message their fellow friends or classmates and even teachers directly about a concept without having to meet them physically. Documents are shared easily via social media platforms. Creative works are shared through stories, videos, or pictures which receive feedback and appreciation from friends and family, and this helps students refine and develop their abilities and help them decide what career path they would want to follow.

Social media does have positive effect on studies

 In conclusion, they are many positive aspects to social media and one of them is education. It has become easy to find concrete information online about a topic that a student would want to research. Communication is strengthened between students as they regularly discuss topics and concepts online. Literacy and reading skills are polished through different platforms of social media. Therefore, social media can be highly effective in academic studies and students’ learning.

Haieqa Iftikhar is student. She is intern at STUDETNINN SOLUTIONS. She contributes as content writer.

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