Should students take part in politics?

Should students take part in politics? Pros and Cons

Should students take part in politics?  It is best if they don’t participate, however they should be taught about it and allowed to generate a view. Is it appropriate for students to get involved in politics? This is a critical subject that our country’s student community must address. The term “students” implies that their activities are limited. However, this question is not easily answered with a yes or a no. It has both pros and cons and mostly half of the people agree with one while the other half agree with the latter.

students should take part in politics

We will look at the advantages first. When it comes to exposure to politics, it helps students prepare for real-world situations. After all, school is only a part of our lives, and whether we like it or not, politics has a significant impact on the lives of individuals. Students that participate are able to express themselves accurately and elegantly. The next generation of officeholders will be more equipped than any other by mastering these abilities.

Understanding the governance structure necessitates a thorough understanding of politics. This needs to be taught and learned in schools because it prepares students to be future members of their society. Understanding, how elections work can help them better understand the world around them. It allows students to express themselves, have a say in important matters, and the society to learn about their viewpoint. They should be able to direct their energies in the correct direction, towards building a great country. Additionally, this instills in them a sense of responsibility and duty for the country.

students should not take part in politics

Now to the downfalls of students taking a part in politics. They’re still growing up, learning about the outside world, and forming their personalities. Politics is in a state of flux in today’s world. Students are impressionable, emotional, and incapable of withstanding the enormous pressure and stress of politics. As a result, a weak intellect is extremely harmful in politics, as it can be exploited by the wrong people. It will also have a negative impact on them as kids grow up and learn about the world around them. They are the country’s backbone, so investing in politics is inappropriate. They will not focus on their academics, putting their academic future in jeopardy.

Students should focus on themselves first.

Our region’s political maturity is basically non-existent. Young people’s minds are too immature to comprehend politics and the vested interests of crooked politicians. Before kids are allowed to participate in politics and become active members of a political party, they need first focus on understanding politics.Considering all this, it is much better for students to stick to their academics. They can turn to politics only when they are grown up and mature in their outlook.

Students must guard against being turned into tools in this way. This rash behavior on their side may jeopardize the primary reason for their visit to an educational institution. Allow these young men and women to learn the principles of discipline, devotion, and dedication with a single-minded focus, for the rest of their lives lie ahead of them. Allow them to grow into disciplined leaders of a disciplined nation when the time comes. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t know about politics, they have the right to learn, to develop their opinions about it, but should only take part when they are of an appropriate maturity.

Haieqa Iftikhar is the Intern at STUDENTINN SOLUTIIONS.

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