How Covid-19 affected

Pakistan’s Response to the Pandemic

Pakistan’s Response to the Pandemic

Pakistan’s Response to the Pandemic is good as it managed the pandemic. Pakistan is distinguished as enjoying the most prominent fate in the world. Blessed with its significant features of national power and prestige, it has demonstrated a reliable potential to sustain calamities.

It has also proven to emerge as envious in a crisis like a pandemic situation. Its response to the covid-19 has remained positive on one hand and hard enough to defeat the first layers of Corona on the other. How Pakistan responded to the pandemic can further be taken into account as follows:

The saga of Covid Spread

Coronavirus spread over the world originating from Wuhan, China on December 31, 2021. It took a shape full-scale hazard and started to reach every corner of the world. Likewise, Pakistan had no exception. With its outbreak at early stages even, inflammation was likely to be felt in Pakistan.

So, Pakistanis were mentally ready to face the pandemic. Pakistan a place of 204.65 million people with its most populous metropolitan centers was considered to be greatly vulnerable to this outbreak. However, the response the people and public showed deserved to be lauded. Earlier, people were not ready to head towards this news.

Later, they started to understand the sensitivity of the situation and took it as a real threat. They restrained their many engagements including international journeys etc. It shows that at an earlier stage, the people of Pakistan with their stronger faith were ready to cope with the pandemic.

Pakistan’s Pre-Spread Response

Before its outbreak in Pakistan, the government appeared to undergo diverse measures to curtail the pandemic.

A large number of Pakistani students and workers living in China were desirous of coming to Pakistan. The government ensured this outbreak in Pakistan through border control and a ban on international flights. It also ensured to set up quarantine houses to manage those coming from abroad particularly China, Iran, and Europe.

Pakistan’s Post-Spread Measures

The government undertook various post-spread measures to curtain the widespread hazard of the pandemic which include as follows:


the government announced to declare a lockdown in the country when the cases of corona patients were reported to rise. The news of corona’s spread was observed by the NCOC (Nation Command and Operation Cell) on regular basis.


The authorities made testing mandatory for those who were suspiciously suffering from the symptoms of the pandemic.

Implementation of SOPs: Usage of masks and other SOPs were implemented.

Awareness Campaigns: the government spent enormous resources on making awareness against the dangers of the corona.

Economic measures: Due to lockdown, the business at micro and macro levels suffered a decline. A Lot of employers were deprived of their jobs. So, the government vowed to support the affected persons.

Vaccination: Finally, the vaccination has been started to curb the outspread of corona hazards.

Pakistan responded to covid as per the requirement of time. Over time, Pakistani people are getting mature and tend to avoid the perils of the pandemic. The Government’s focus is also on expanding awareness campaigns. The vaccination process is in full swing. A severe need that Pakistanis want to be met immediately is economic relief. An economically robust condition will enable them to get rid of the pandemic confidently.

Muhammad Irfan is the Internee at the STUDENTINN SOLUTIONS. 

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