Pakistan as a Third World Country

Pakistan as a Third World Country

Pakistan is located in South Asia. As a helpless and yet patriotic citizen of my country, I couldn’t help but foster an opinion about Pakistan and comment on how its reputation has gained establishment as a third world country across the globe. Like any country, it’s only fair to recognize both the flaws and the strengths so as to bring about change because human beings are progressive individuals, and only when we learn to accept change can we progress as a nation overall. Pakistan, having gained its status as an independent country in 1947 surely has its flaws mapped out across the country.

Perhaps one of the major flaws my country has yet to improve is not being able to develop at the same pace as the rest of its neighboring countries like India let alone the Western sub-continent. A major reason for that is predominantly the chain of corrupt people in power who couldn’t help but use their position of power for their own personal gains, not using it for the progression of their country.

Pakistan facing challenges

Pakistan faces several major challenges that could prove to be detrimental in the near future if left unaddressed in the hands of the corrupt.  It is forcing a dynamic of poverty, sustaining a disgraceful quality of living in which the basic necessities are derived from the general public constituent of around 24.3 percent of the population living below the poverty line. If the basic necessities are being deprived, how must a country be able to prevail and compete against its progressing acquaintances?

There are a lot of other challenges Pakistan faces and the impact of these development challenges started becoming discernible in linear augmentations in the ’90s, but as of now, their impact is clear as day. Now more than ever, Pakistan is facing a population crisis which essentially poses a lot of threats that follow like depletion of our already used up resources.

The water crisis in Pakistan

Pakistan also faces a major water crisis that presumably is a result of the rapid population growth and the increasingly high fertility rates which almost make it inevitable for the coming generations to strive with such limited resources. The rate of increase is unsustainable and there is a dire need of making the underprivileged cognizant of sexual education and more importantly family planning.

Environmental Degradation in Pakistan

Environmental Degradation is another threat Pakistan faces at its peak and needs to be recognized now if the country wishes to strive for its future generations. Our leaders have completely neglected this upcoming threat or may have disregarded the magnitude at which this ongoing threat is operating.

Pakistan is one of the many countries in East Asia that faces a devastating threat of pollution which includes both air and water pollution and it’s costing the lives of not only its citizens but all of its occupants too including animals. When it comes to pollution, Pakistan faces a threat like no other with its air having toxic chemicals that may have been a result of industrial manufacturing at large scales.

Pakistan’s citizens however are no better when it comes to polluting their country. With no proper embodiment of regulatory laws, its citizens feel at liberty and misuse it as an opportunity to pollute at will which brings me to address another important factor giving Pakistan the unfortunate status of a third world country.

The proper implementation of laws in Pakistan is close to none and is rather abysmal if anything. Leaders come into power with the promise of false hope to their constituents promising change but like their predecessors can only fulfill the pursuit of their own selfish gains. Pakistan’s citizens are sheep and choose to blindly follow their leaders towards redemption but are only lead towards their demise when the promised results aren’t delivered.

An outsider who wishes to visit Pakistan will only be met with disappointment. when he sees how haphazard and lawless the traffic comes and goes by, how a person committing a crime is not met with accountability encouraging him to commit the same crime again; how in every corner of the streets, he is met with robbers mercilessly shooting their victims as they strive to get food in their belly, how rapists don’t give a second thought to the cries of the girl pleading to let her go but because he’s not going to be held accountable, it’s best for him to ruthlessly commit this heinous crime.

As citizens of this country, it is our responsibility to take matters into our own hands and focus on individual accountability because it’s only when you look into yourself and what you’re doing that is impacting the country will our nation be able to strive towards progression. Change is inevitable and is said to be in our nature, and to drive our country towards said change is something each of us should look forward to so as to help our future generations and so that we can be considered as a promising country in the near future.

Muhammad Mustafa Khan is the Content Intern at the STUDENTINN SOLUTIONS.

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