How social media affect education

How social media affect education

   How social media affect education is still quite an argument. Whether it’s positive or negative. there is no denying the fact that social media playing a huge part in reshaping the educational system. But the main point is how? In this article, we will be discussing some of the aspects of social media in the education system.

How social media affect education

    The first point is about how information is obtained. This is an important aspect as one of the main reasons social media is used for educational purposes is acquiring information. Now, this can be helpful as the online information helps the student understand the concept more clearly. This factor of social media is big as today everyone, even for a small thing, searches google.

However, we don’t know if the information is truthful or not, or if it is complete. It sometimes is the case that the information you acquire is not exactly according to the topic you want or it’s false information regarding it. As some information is easily obtained some are not but we are so dependent on the online information that when we don’t get it, we are stuck there and face problems regarding it.

Positive side of social media

   Another advantage of social media is the discussions that take place on this platform. The topics and concepts are easily compared and explained between different people.  The is the sharing of knowledge, of experiences that could either affect someone in a positive manner or in a negative manner. The reason for this is the different point of views that is available on this platform. Some agree while some disagree, some people like it while some don’t but no one is able to do anything regarding it as it’s all about personal views on a public platform.

. How does social media affect

  What people say and what people think is a huge deal for most individuals.  there is no doubt that social media contributes to this factor because there is no other place than social media,  where one could find so many opinions, thoughts, and experiences. This could affect an individual’s mindset negatively or positively.

How social media affect education positively

Positive in a way that this broadens the vision of some people by the information or the discussion that are online and it enables them to develop an aspect of a factor and also think critically on how these matters to them. On the other hand, the opinions and thoughts of others could restrict your own thought process as one would just limit themselves to what others say or think. This results in a lack of their own opinions and constricted mindset.

  One example that I would like to give is about the change in the structure of education that has taken place in Pakistan. From this year it has been decided that the schools would provide books in Urdu rather than in English. Before, nearly every subject was taught in English such as science, math, etc. nut from this year and on these subjects would be taught in Urdu and only English would be taught in English. Now this change has brought in a lot of arguments between the students’ mothers as some agree with this while some don’t.

Some say that the change shouldn’t have come as English is an important deal in today’s world and taking that from education would be a downfall for our country. In contrast to that, the others say that this is a good decision as Urdu is our national language and English shouldn’t have been made an educational standard in Pakistan. Now some reading this discussion would themselves think about the benefits and non-benefits while some would just agree with one and be mentally distracted if things are not going their way.

Distraction For students leading to shortcuts and drawbacks

      For students, it could be a method of distraction from what is practical and necessary. These past two years have been based on online education while it may have helped some it’s a disadvantage for most. I would explain this with an example. For students who are aiming to be engineers, it is very important to do the practical work required in labs and workshops but due to the online education, it is not possible to.

This limits their growth in the practical work field of their course and is a huge setback for them. Similarly, there are those in medical, they need to perform to learn, and again that is restricted to online only. Not only that but studying online causes a lot of distraction as it’s very difficult to concentrate when there is no factor of utmost attention. Students look for shortcuts when they are given the option of social media.

How to perceive education

Meaning that there is less thought process and more searching. The students don’t try their own at first, they look for a solution online and when not obtained they put their intelligence into action and this is one of the biggest drawbacks. When the student doesn’t use their mental capacity how can we expect them to learn and acquire knowledge?

  To conclude this, we can say that there are a lot of factors that reshape the education system but not all are in favor of it. Education is not just about learning or studying to obtain a career. It’s about our ability to think, to make the right decisions, to know how things work and why they work that way. Education is not just a word with a definition, it’s a whole broad concept that has endless definitions and possibilities within it. 

Haieqa Iftikhar is the intern at STUDENTINN SOLUTIONS.

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