CPEC is a Door for Opportunities for Pakistan

CPEC is a Door for Opportunities for Pakistan. China and Pakistan share a cordial relationship with each other and have been with each other through thick and thin.  China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) I the real game changer and not only provides economic prosperity to both the states Pakistan and China but is a source of prosperity for the whole Southeast Asian Region.

CPEC is a Door for Opportunities for Pakistan

CPEC provides Pakistan a golden opportunity to improve its infrastructure, transportation, and industrial sector with the collaboration of China. It has provided an opportunity to Pakistan not only to stabilize its economy but also to play a crucial role in reshaping its image from a fragile economy to an emerging economy of Asia.

Pakistan is full of abundant resources that extend from north to south and has a special geostrategic position that further strengthens the position of Pakistan in the world. Chinese has invested about $ 50 billion in this project. This project will act as a gateway to provide easy trade routes between Pakistan, China, Middle East, and other countries.

“The total allocated amount under CPEC is 50 billion dollars included 35 billion dollars for energy projects and 15 billion dollars for Gawadar infrastructure, industrial zones”


This project not only strengthens the position of Pakistan but also helps to improve the trading system in other countries and try to alleviate their economy which has been negatively influenced by some actions of superpowers and terrorists in the past. These nations include Iran, Afghanistan, and other land-locked states such as Tajikistan and Uzbekistan by providing them access to the routes that make their trading easy. In this article, we will shed light on the opportunities gained by Pakistan as a result of this game-changer project

. This project has opened many avenues for Pakistanis as this project has boosted the employment rate in different areas of the country which in turn affects the economy of the country in a positive way. Certain plans related to energy and infrastructures are designed that help to generate a large amount of energy in the country and will make the country an economic hub. It will also help to uplift the industrial as well as the agricultural sectors of the country.

Pakistan’s industrial sector has been affected over the past few decades due to the energy crisis, but revving the energy sectors will increase the production of industrial materials that will increase the per capita income and will strengthen the export system of the country. This project allows Pakistan to develop its soft image in the world which was affected greatly due to terrorism attacks.

It allows trade facilities and people all over South Asia will travel to Pakistan for trading purposes and will be able to understand true Pakistani culture and values. It will help to evade the image that previously had been created and moreover, will try to improve the tourism industry of the country.

We can conclude, by saying that CPEC is the major game-changer for the whole Southeast Asian Region that not only connects different routes of the country but also improve and modernize the trading system. It will improve the basic trading infrastructure of the country and will make Pakistan the economic hub of the region. Moreover, it will help to overcome the unemployment and the energy crisis of the country that will improve the living conditions of people of the country. CPEC is a gateway to success for the country.

Rida Fatima is a Student of Mass Communication. She is Internee at STUDENTINN SOLUTIONS

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