Can O-level Students Compete with Pakistani Students? yes, and how do they compete? Today In Pakistan both are applicable. the O levels and the Board Exams, however, both hold different values and procedures. the most common choice of students is the board exams rather than the O levels.

The question that arises between students when choosing O levels. while they know that they will further study in Pakistan, is that O-level students compete with Pakistanis who have chosen the matric exam?

Yes and how Pakistani Students compete?

  The majority of students chose the federal board exam witch thus leads for this question to be asked. The answer is yes, the o level student can compete with Pakistanis. Why? It is because of a few reasons which differentiate the O level from the Matric Board.

O level recognised globally

The education structure is much more disciplined at the O level. The O levels are globally recognized and are conducted across the world. The syllabus is elaborate and comprehensive. It is prepared according to the needs of modern times in order to test the hidden abilities of students and to polish their skills as well as to make them think more critically and covey their concepts in an intricate manner.

Since the o levels are global the syllabus considers the education system of the places throughout the world while in Pakistan its learning frameworks contains local qualification and syllabus. This attribute may lead to problems when a matric student applies for a foreign country and educational institute.

O level is conceptual while matric is based on memory

O levels test the concepts of a student, meaning it’s conceptual, and in no way a student can cram and ace in the exam. On the other hand, matriculation deals mainly with the memory power of the student. The exam pattern comprises all the questions and problems as studied in the textbook. In short, there is no extra knowledge or technical thinking required when answering questions on an exam paper.

O level is conceptual while matric is based on memory

O level offers a vast choice of subjects. Due to this, a student is being offered a variety of career options and options. In contrast, matric offers only a limited number of subjects which pulls back the student in choosing their career choices as they are not exposed to some of the skills that they might choose. I would tell my example, I had studied and given O levels of different subjects such as Computer Science, Biology and Economics and this helped me choose my career choice. I liked and was intrigued by Computer Science, thus leading me to choose a Bachelor of Computer Engineering.

To sum up, everything that has been stated so far, an o level student can compete with a Pakistani. However, there are challenges faces by an O-level student. In Pakistan, their marks are deducted by 10% by IBCC when given for equivalency. Another challenge is in the medical field or engineering field in Pakistan as those help you get into top government institutes. Entrance exams such as MDCAT and ECAT are wholly based on intermediate textbooks by the local Board of Pakistan. O levels are expensive as well and students with poor backgrounds are not able to opt for it. That being said, one has to choose based on their requirements and which choice would help them and in what way.

Haieqa Iftikhar is student. She is an intern at STUDETNINN SOLUTIONS. She contributes as a content writer.

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