The Bogra Formula was a political compromise presented and proposed by Prime Minister Bogra on 7 October 1953 before the Constituent Assembly. The Bogra Formula sought to permanently abolish the Governor-General who represented the British monarchy in the country to be replaced with the elected figurehead presidency.

According to the Bogra formula, Pakistan would have a bicameral legislature.

⦁ In the upper house, there would be equal representation to each of the five units.

⦁ In lower house population will be represented.

⦁ More representation was given to East Pakistan.

⦁ Both wings would have equal strength in joint sessions of the two houses

⦁ It was welcomed in both parts of the country. The principle of parity and representation of the population was appreciated.

⦁ It also solved the problem of national language by suggesting Urdu and Bengali both as the national languages.

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