Reasons for the failure of the 1956

Reasons for the failure of .1956 are complex. before abrogation of the 1956 Constitution, Pakistan was facing Political instability at large scale. Major Reason for Political arbitrary was continuously changing PM’s. From September-1956 to October-1958, in this short time, Four Prime Ministers were changed. This shows the weakness of parliamentary system & Democracy also.

Chaudhary Muhammad Ali   resigned due to vote of no confidence, after that Hussain Shaheed came as new PM his era was era of deadlock between two provinces on the issue of electorate system. After him I.I. Chundrigar held the office but resign just after two months. Malik Feroz Khan held the PM office until the Martial law was imposed.

Causes for Failure of the Constitution:

We discuss five main cause of the failure of 1956 Constitution.

  • Weak Political System/Parties:

The major reason of failure of the constitution is weak political system after Liaqat Ali assignation Mulim league doesn’t have a political leadership to continue the legacy. In those days not a single well organized political party in the country. No political parties were made and dissolve within a night. There was no rule for floor crossing.

  • Incapable Political Parties

Working of democratic systems depends upon the appliance of party politics. Political parties represent the public view but those days role of political parties was not effective enough to deliver.
Political parties were not educating and making opinion of public.

  • Socio-Economics Conflicts:

When Feroz Khan became PM, inflation went on its peak due to hoarding. This caused in partial distribution of wealth. Rich was getting richer and poor was getting poorer.
So, we can say that socio-economic illogicalities also played a role in failure of this constitution.

  • Constitutional Matters:

Dead lock on the issue of Separate and joint election between two provinces was also cause of the failure, framer of the constitution failed to resolve this. In this constitution introduced one house of legislative which also became a cause for failure.

  • Limitation of Provincial Autonomy

West-Pakistan was made after four provinces were merged into one unit. Due to this step autonomy of four provinces was abridged. This also became a cause for failure of this constitution

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