Causes of delay in constitution-making of Pakistan

The major issue of constitution-making in Pakistan are given below

As Pakistan is made of East Pakistan and West Pakistan so both parts have their own rights and the issue that is set up for constitution-making was Federalism
Both East Pakistan and West Pakistan wanted to be represented in the high order and try to make the law so representation becomes a series of problems and it creates many other problems.
Separate of joint electorate
East Pakistan wanted the separate electorate while West Pakistan and minorities wanted to be the joint electorate so a serious feud was created at that time and the joint electorate was selected in 1957.
Islamic or secular system
It is a big problem at that time because many issues are created by many people so it can be solved by taking the Islamic system.
National language issue
In 1948 Muhammad Ali Jinnah has declared that Urdu is the national language but in West Pakistan, people wanted to be Bengali as a national language so two language formula was adopted.

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