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National Integration of Pakistan
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PROBLEMS OF NATIONAL INTEGRATION IN PAKISTAN are complex. Countries inhabited by heterogeneous racial and linguistic groups and divided by natural geographical boundaries (mountains and rivers); generally, develop centrifugal tendencies among their cultural groups. Pakistan, incidentally, is placed in a similar position. We should not exaggerate the danger posed by these differences, on the one hand, and should not shut our eyes to the possible threat they may cause to our existence, on the other, if these tendencies are allowed to grow and flourish without restraint. In order to form a strong and coherent nation, we must be aware of the presence of the disintegrating forces of human society is neither possible nor desirable. In order to make a coherent and integrated society, we have to create a culture in which people are educated to live amicably, notwithstanding the differences they have. In a democratic society, human differences are not crushed with the brutal state authority but resolved through dialogue, compromise, and mutual understanding.
National Integration of Pakistan
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administrative and political measures for the promotion of national integration

Administrative and political measures should be adopted for the promotion of national integration. it is the responsibility of the state to adopt such measures. In order to understand the meaning of national integration, we must, first of all, have a clear comprehension of the terms like 'Nation' and Nationality The concept of 'Nationality’ first defined in distinct terms by the Muslim historiographer and sociologist.
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